"The Personal Language Management was targeted at exactly what I needed. It has helped me enormously in my professional life".

Dr. Z. Lykova, Newcastle University


Talking Bikes
A Grundtvig partnership involving language learning, cycle maintenance and the transference of digital skills between young and old learner in France, Spain, Italy, UK and Poland.

Recipes for Success
Recipes for Success focussed on the food eaten in Italy, Germany, Spain, UK and Poland, how we grow and prepare food and the traditions that accompany food preparation in each country.

Recycle your English
A Grundvtig Learner Workshop held at Newcastle University Learning Resource Centre to improve the digital and English language skills of unemployed Europeans.

Current Projects
CLICK: A Leonardo project for sharing best practice of Language Teaching in Europe.

2014 prices

Residential English courses
23 June - 4 July
4th August - 15 August
2 weeks £300
Homestay (Half board) £280

Business Language Classes
£44 per hour

Personal Language Management
Please contact us about your work for a quote.

Please contact us about your work for a quote.